Sunday, February 24, 2013

First Day on the Slim Fast Diet

So yesterday, I was a bit agitated and it was kind of like a "that's it, now this is happening" day lol. Really though, I've embarked on weight loss plans before, and I've never had this much of a problem, so it has been unusually frustrating.

Today, I am really tired because I had been drinking insane amounts of coffee again over the past few weeks (oh yes, heart palpitations and all), and today I woke up and just said eh, no coffee today. I didn't even think about it until I was at the supermarket with my son and I was ready to start attacking people lol, and on the way home I was thinking gee, why am I so irritable today? So I had a green tea and...nah, still pretty out of it lol. I think I'll sleep pretty well tonight.

Well anyway, I saw the price on the Slim Fast powder and it was something like $7.99 and then I saw the CareOne brand Slim Supreme next to it for $4.99 (pretty much the same stuff; doesn't taste quite the same), so that's what I got. Usually I have coupons for Slim Fast that I find on Ebay or somewhere, but obviously there wasn't enough notice for that. I think I'm off to a good start though. I notice it does keep me full between meals, which is great!

I found this on Facebook; it's something I really need to keep in mind (eh...sorry for those who don't like the wording so much):

It's great and everything to approach the different aspects of weight loss such as mental preparation, diet, etc. but without self-discipline playing a part in all that, it's worthless. Well, except for meditation; I should be doing that regularly anyway, with all this stress, and I keep using the excuse that I never have any time, and using that excuse for everything is what puts me in this frustrating situation. If I can't make time to take care of myself, then I should welcome the impending heart attack that is going to kill me as a result, and then I won't get anything done because I'll be DEAD. Simple as that. Tough love (but oh, so necessary).

Well, now that I am getting back on my feet here, I will check in shortly with how things are going. :)

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