Friday, December 12, 2014

My Slooowww Weight Loss

Well, I just thought I'd check in and say that things are still very good, but I'm not really losing weight as fast as I expected. Of course, that is not keeping me from enjoying my this new healthy lifestyle of mine, but I know it's not just the common reaction I'd have to my weight loss in the past; for instance, in the last two weeks, I've only lost two pounds, which seems a little unusual. Don't get me wrong, I was still happy to see that, but I do exercise frequently now, and my net calorie intake has been low enough that I should be seeing faster weight loss. Actually, I even went to my doctor the other day, and he was the one who pointed out that my metabolism must be slow because of my thyroid, and that if we can get my metabolism up, maybe my weight loss will speed up (I actually never mentioned anything to him about my slow weight loss). That old thyroid issue is popping up again, and hopefully, now that I have a new doctor (who continually says that all my symptoms point directly to my thyroid) maybe I can finally get to the bottom of it. Maybe I can feel normal again, and lose that fatigue that I've had for the last five years or so! (Two other doctors couldn't help because my blood work comes back normal, even though I did have to have a biopsy done for enlarged thyroid nodules...but it couldn't be something to do with my thyroid? I don't know about that, but I won't get into it, lol!)

Anyway, I can now say that I'm down 27 lbs. and very happy about that! So that's more than 4 of those 5 lb. bags of sugar I mentioned before that I'm no longer carrying around with me, when I think about it! In fact, I will need to get some new pants now, because I look a little ridiculous in the baggy pants I have had since I started, and they don't stay up anymore.

The only thing I need to really start thinking about is how I'm going to change up my cardio routine, since it's winter and it's toooo cold to walk outside. I love my elliptical machine, but as you probably know, it's necessary to do something different once in a while.

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